Saturday, April 07, 2012

Another census puzzler

I've been browsing the 1940 census and finally found this family - but look how tricky they made it!

This is the family in 1930:

State Iowa
County Mahaska
Oskaloosa City, Fourth Ward
e.d. 62-18, s.d. 12, Sheet No. 21A/168A
April 23, 1930 by Elizabeth O'Rourke
524 North 4th Street
line 5, 538/569 MILLER Charles Head O $3000 R MW 43 M 23 no/yes Iowa Ohio Iowa machinist/R.R. Roundhouse
Roxy Wife-H FW 41 M 20 no/yes Iowa Iowa Iowa
Eugene Son MW 16 S yes/yes Iowa Iowa Iowa
Aletha Daughter FW 14 S yes/yes Iowa Iowa Iowa
Redonda Daughter FW 7 S yes/ Iowa Iowa Iowa
Dewayne Son MW 5 S yes/ Iowa Iowa Iowa
Here they are in 1940:
State Iowa
County Mahaska County
Oskaloosa City, 4th Ward
Oskaloosa Twp.
Silent Rest Tourist Home
s.d. 5, e.d. 62-21, Sheet No. 81A/236A
April 8, 1940 by Thomas K. Farmer
The following persons were enumerated in the "Modern Rest Tourist Home" 409 High Ave East Oskaloosa Iowa
line 6 409 T O 4000 No WILLIAMS Charles E. Head MW 53 M No H2 Iowa Same Place 40hrs Machinist/Railway Shope 52wks 1740 yes
Roxie B. wife FW 51 M No H2 Iowa Same Place
Rhodanda Daughter FW 17 S yes H3 Iowa Same Place
Dewayne Son MW 15 S yes H2 Iowa Same Place
NEWTON Leo Head MW 37 M No 8 Iowa R Ogallala Nebraska 32hrs Drag line operator/Coal Mine 52wks 1800 No
Marie Wife FW 33 M No H2 Missouri R Ogallala Nebraska
Alice Daughter FW 16 S yes H2 Iowa R Ogallala Nebraska
Wayne Son MW 12 S yes 5 Iowa R Ogallala Nebraska
Leona May Daughter FW 4 S No 3 Nebraska
I mean, I think it's them...