Thursday, January 26, 2006

No longer blue about Blue

It's finally done! My transcription of Blue Twp., Jackson Co., MO 1850 Census, it's been proofread and is online.

For "Blue" you can read Kansas City/Westport and environs. Quite populated. Quite interesting.

It dragged on and on and took me over a year. I got busy, and it was so long I couldn't get motivated. Once I got past the halfway mark it was much easier.

Probably the most interesting household in this township was the Tubee family:

1850 Jackson Co., MO Census
Blue Township
Page 290A

line 37, 833/833 Tubee Okah 39 M Physician Al'a
Tubee Lucele 32 F NY
Tubee Seraphine 13 F Mo
Tubee Celestine 12 F Mo
Tubee Mashola 1 M Mo

Who I thought Okah might be French (looking at his daughters' names, thinking perhaps it was a mis-heard 'Duby') but it turns out he was Choctaw (though you will notice no race is mentioned here).

I've finished Kaw, Washington and Blue, and have only three rather small townships left to go: Sni Bar, Van Buren and Ft. Osage.

Won't it feel good to be done!