Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ghost Goas

I finally found the Andrew Goas family in the 1850 census:
Liverpool Township, County of Columbiana, State of Ohio, pg. 249/125A
11 July 1850 by Wm Gellundieck
line 2, 245/247 An'd GHOST 34 M Labourer " [Pennsylvania]
Mary 15 F " [Pennsylvania]
Lewis 14 M " [Pennsylvania] attended school
Joseph 8 M " [Pennsylvania] attended school
Milnor 2 M Ohio
Christian 19 F Pennsylvania

But, of course, it almost raises more questions than it answers.

It confirms my guess about the young man "Millener R" in the 1860 census being a brother and not someone named "R. Millener".

But Mary's name was supposed to be "Hannah", according to family tradition, and who is Christian?! A second wife? Not correctly placed, if so. A sister helping out with the family?

And the way I found it...

Goas is a horrible name to research. Even if the census person writes it down correctly (and it is Goos, Ghost, Goas in the records I have) the 'search engines' that are my bread and butter have the addition handicap of a secondary interpretation. So, and I swear I've tried this before, I typed in "Lewis" as a first name, said he was born 1837 +/-2 years in Pennsylvania. I got 871 hits. And then I started scanning.

Lewis Ghest came up, and bingo!