Friday, October 15, 2004

Matilda Catherine

Matilda Catherine Pierce Brown Posted by Hello

I found another one today.

Another girl named after Matilda Catherine "Tilda" Pierce Brown...

This is Tilda Evans, my Tilda's niece. I finally found the 1900 entry for Sarah Pierce Evans' family the old-fashioned way: I browsed for it. Fortunately her family was in the same township they'd been in in 1910 and 1920 or I'd have had a long, fruitless day. :)

I just found Sarah recently, married to Granville Evans in Greene Co., TN, and later living near Tilda and Sarah's brother Dan Pierce in White Rock Twp., McDonald Co., MO.

So, some girls named after her:

Nancy Matilda Ellen "Tildie" Pierce

Matilda "Tilda" Evans

Mary Katherine Brown

Mary Katherine Zeilinger

and me. :)